這篇「Ma the bumbler」一開始就指出馬英九帶著很高的人民期待,2008年當上總統,並與中國簽訂劃時代的協定,想要幫助台灣經濟邊緣化的問題。當時馬的形象是很清廉的,有能力結束國民黨內的內鬥,加上對手(民進黨)前總統陳水扁因貪污被關,形成一個明顯的對比。

WHEN he was first elected in 2008, Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, offered Taiwanese high hopes that the island’s economy would open a new chapter. He promised ground-breaking agreements with China to help end Taiwan’s growing economic marginalisation. At the time, Mr Ma’s image was of a clean technocrat able to rise above the cronyism and infighting of his party, the Kuomintang (KMT). He was a welcome contrast to his fiery and pro-independence predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, now in jail for corruption.


Five years on, and despite being handily re-elected ten months ago, much has changed. In particular, popular satisfaction with Mr Ma has plummeted, to a record low of 13%, according to the TVBS Poll Centre. The country appears to agree on one thing: Mr Ma is an ineffectual bumbler.

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